Kick-start your printing with aluminium pigment dispersions for solvent-based printing inks

ROTOVARIO pastes feature a pronounced opacity and make it possible to formulate gravure and flexographic printing inks freely. The pigments are available in attractive silver versions, and in gold colours specifically designed for UV-hardening systems.

Concentrated and versatile

ROTOVARIO pastes are made of aluminium pigments that are combined with various solvents to form a paste. The metal pigment dispersions are completely tasteless and odourless, making the ROTOVARIO FPG version ideally suited to food packaging.


100 per cent mineral oil free, MOSH/MOAH compliant, ideal for food packaging

The ROTOVARIO product range consists of various solvent-based gold-bronze pigment and aluminium pigment dispersions that have been specially developed for use in gravure and flexographic printing inks. The concentrates boast outstanding technical properties, are easy to use, and – thanks to their variability – are ideally suited to a broad spectrum of end products. ROTOVARIO pigments are produced in conventional pebble mills and can be delivered in a wide variety of particle sizes.

In the case of solvent-based inks for gravure and flexographic printing, ROTOVARIO is available with leafing or non-leafing properties. The metallic effects, ranging from Standard to Premium, make ROTOVARIO ideal for creating gravure and flexographic printing inks.

For water-based gravure and flexographic printing inks, stabilized leafing gold-bronze paste ROTOVARIO Aqua achieves superb results with all printing methods. ROTOVARIO UV leafing pigments are available for UV-curing systems.

We have developed the white spirit-free and mineral oil-free ROTOVARIO UV FPG (food packaging grade) especially for food packaging. It is subject to particularly strict regulations and is produced in line with good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines. All components are listed in the Swiss Ordinance on Materials and Articles (SR 817.023.21), so they are ideal for printing on food packaging without coming into direct contact with the food.

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Metallic and effect pigment portfolio for the printing industry

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