Pearlescent effects for your products.

SYMIC recreates beguiling pearlescent effects from nature in your products – from a light, silky shimmer through to vivid, dazzling displays of color. And every hue helps you create new highlights for your customers.

Pearl luster magic in its entire variety

Whether it is used in car paints, industrial paints, powder coatings, plastics, or the graphics industry, SYMIC opens up a world of design possibilities – from flawless pearlescent effects that have a subtle impact on the basic colour, all the way through to vivid, solid colours.

The products in the SYMIC range are produced from synthetic mica and refined using highly developed coating and classification technologies. This creates unique pearlescent pigments, the effects of which range from a silky shimmer to a bright, glittering sheen, depending on the fineness. SYMIC ensures colour-neutral lustrous effects, particularly in light-colored designs. It is available in blue and silver tones as well as warm gold hues and various shades of red. Trendy matte effects are possible with SYMIC A 502 and 522 - for earthy bronze and copper tones with a velvety shine.

SYMIC metallic effect pigments shine in all decorative applications, in interior design applications, and in the printing industry with their pure-colour glitter effects and impressive sparkle. Their other strengths include perfect interlayer adhesion and ideal orientation of the pigments, simple processing, as well as easy integration into all standard applications.

SYMIC OEM Opaque Silver combines the metallic appearance and the flop of aluminium with the functional properties of pearlescent pigments, making it suitable for applications in which aluminium is not permitted.

Discover SYMIC OEM

SYMIC OEM is recommended for areas of application with demanding requirements relating to weather and condensation resistance, including industrial and outdoor applications as well as automotive paints.

SYMIC OEM Opaque Silver

Novel silver metallics for autonomous driving

SYMIC PCE for powder coatings

SYMIC PCE is are synthetic pearlescent pigments especially designed for powder coating applications.

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