Discreet yet strong, fine yet expressive: Experience the synthetic pearlescent pigments from SYNCRYSTAL.

SYNCRYSTAL surprises with ever new looks: depending on the light or dark background, light incidence and viewing angle, the pearlescent pigments for cosmetics develop an unexpected new radiance with every look.

SYNCRYSTAL: inspired by nature, improved by technology

SYNCRYSTAL pearlescent pigments are based on metal oxide coated synthetic fluorophlogopite flakes.

Due to the synthetic origin of the substrate, the content of impurities is significantly lower compared to natural mica. This leads to a much higher colour purity and a consistently high processing quality.

Inspiring and effective: SYNCRYSTAL for cosmetic applications

Whether remarkably silver pearl luster, brilliant interference effects, warm earth tones or expressive colors: SYNCRYSTAL pigments offer a wide range of bright, luminous formulations for colour cosmetics.

Thanks to their white mass color, SYNCRYSTAL silver and interference pigments prove to be advantageous in opaque systems such as creams or lotions.

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Synthetic mica pigments for luminous cosmetic formulations

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