Unbelievably versatile: VISIONAIRE metallic effect pigments

All metallic pigments in the VISIONAIRE product range can be combined with other ECKART metallic and pearlescent pigments - this freedom to mix and match provides a virtually endless selection of high-gloss, polychromatic effects and colour tones.

Stay one step ahead at all times with VISIONAIRE

VISIONAIRE pigments are based on aluminum or metal alloys. Thanks to their distinctive opacity and metallic shine, they have become synonymous with superior performance the world over.

VISIONAIRE’s metallic pigments are ideally suited to cosmetic applications, such as eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyeliners, and body powder.

Regarding cosmetic formulations with VISIONAIRE, please note that VISIONAIRE aluminium pigments are generally not intended for use in aqueous or water-based systems. We recommend adding antioxidants when using VISIONAIRE with plant-based oils or unsaturated fatty acids.

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Metallic effect pigments for decorative cosmetic applications

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