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SILVERSHINE - a guarantee for high-quality metallic effects

The extremely thin silver dollar pigments of SILVERSHINE are characterized by a particularly fine and homogeneous texture and a narrow particle size distribution.

This is exactly what creates the characteristic appearance of SILVERSHINE: extremely brilliant and with a striking flop - from a soft metallic shimmer to noble sparkle effects.

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ECKART SILVERSHINE automotive AdobeStock_382450405-Desktop@2x-1170x636.jpg

New in our SILVERSHINE portfolio:

ECKART SILVERSHINE Platinum Grey Titanium Grey thinnest silver dollar pigments web-Desktop@2x-560x400.jpg

SILVERSHINE Platinum & Titanium Grey

Finest aluminium pigments for smooth metallic finishes

ECKART SILVERSHINE 406 WEB-Desktop@2x-560x400.jpg


Structureless and fine silver dollar pigments with strong hiding power


SILVERSHINE Ceramic & Xenon White

Porcelain white with metallic sheen and iridescent silver white with a blue undertone:

SILVERSHINE variants for conventional, but also aqueous systems

Solvent-based SILVERSHINE pigments are used worldwide for high-end coatings and paint systems of all kinds, for example for automotive coatings, decorative elements on vehicles, wheel rims, consumer electronics equipment, household appliances and also for the printing ink industry.

Our research & development has been taking into account the increased environmental awareness for decades: The SILVERSHINE counterpart for waterborne systems STAPA® IL HYDROLAN S is characterized by excellent chemical and gassing stability.

Optimal combination of brilliance, metallic character and hiding power

Innovative grinding processes, a deliberately narrow particle size distribution and our extremely careful selection of high-quality aluminium grit lead to a very advantageous combination of brilliance, metallic character and hiding power.

The silver dollar pigments of SILVERSHINE show almost no scattering properties. Their metallic character is retained even when the products are coloured with organic pigments.

SILVERSHINE products for water-based systems

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