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Creative effects, authentic optics - as flexible as the material itself.

ECKART effect pigments for the plastics industry.

For the plastics industry, we supply various products that achieve glossy optical effects. The effect pigments made of aluminium, glass or synthetic mica reflect the incident light on their surface.

This specific reflection leads to the authentic metallic effect. In principle, the different finenesses of the pigments as well as the different inherent colours of the plastics influence the opacity and the metallic effect.

ECKART for the plastics industry - ideas for stunning effects.

Applications and Effects:

Injection Moulding


(Sheets, Profiles & Films)


PVC Plastisol


Films & Tapes


Smart Plastics

Colour Road Plastics 2021 Almond

ALMOND : The plastic trend colour of the month October 2021

Where almonds grow, there is peace all year round - and in peace lies strength. The almond tree blooms in white to light pink and radiates pride and confidence. Its fruit is sweet, tart-nutty and slightly bitter. Color-wise, ALMOND suggests a more neutral color, but presents a rich undertone, making it an ideal and adaptable contrast to many other hues.

Read more about our trend colour of the month October::


Product highlights for your plastics


LASERSAFE® is a new generation of laser marking additives based on heavy-metal free pigment.


PLATALUX pigments show an intensive glitter effect and extraordinary brilliance in a distinct champagne shade.


MASTERSAFE products are dust-free pigment preparations. They are easy to handle and to disperse in many plastics.


Cool idea: pigments that increase the reflection of solar radiation in plastics - so that surfaces stay pleasantly cool.

Focus on applications: trends, news, ideas. Our expert advice.

Properties such as formability, mechanical properties and versatility make plastics indispensable in many areas of application. Effect pigments from ECKART are just as fast and versatile. This is how you can emhance your products in an exciting, high-quality and creative way.

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