Multifaceted, innovative, style-defining: three reasons why effect pigments from ECKART belong in automotive coatings.

Metallic effect and pearlescent pigments for that certain something.

A clear statement for individuality, emotion and prestige: The metal effect and pearlescent pigments from ECKART are visible everywhere on the road and have a decisive influence on the appearance of your vehicles.

ECKART offers a broad portfolio of effect pigments for all areas of the automotive industry to meet the highest demands. And we keep moving: ECKART's constant innovations - especially in effect pigments for water-based paint systems - are constantly providing new impetus for environmental compatibility and efficiency.

Pigments for automotive coatings - with the best performance towards the future.

Silver-metallic shades for autonomous driving: ideal solutions for radar transparency

Mobility is in upheaval. New manufacturers are stimulating the market.
Advanced driving systems and (partially) autonomous driving are changing needs. We supply products that match.


And everything shines like new: effect pigments from ECKART provide the perfect color shade as a brilliant component in repair paints.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Bright prospects for creative surface coatings - discover the entire ECKART range now.

Rim Coatings

ECKART impresses with a wide range of effect pigments for the field of rim coating - from elegant silky shiny silver-grey to highly brilliant hard metallic tones.

Accessories & Interiors

We embellish the details: Individual and sophisticated effects and colour accents refine the appearance of interior elements and vehicles.

Our high performers with many areas of application.
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  4. LUXAN CFX C393
  5. EDELSTEIN CFX Sunstone Champagne
  6. SYMIC OEM Medium Silver
  7. SYMIC OEM Medium Fire Red


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