Versatile, refined, functional: effect pigments for industrial coatings.

Functional and effect pigments for the most varied areas of application.

Quite versatile: The aluminium, gold bronze and pearlescent pigments from ECKART for various paint systems and coatings are not only visually appealing - they also offer a host of practical advantages:

Depending on the requirements and area of application, our effect pigments offer great functionality, for example in terms of conductivity and heat reflection or protection against corrosion and weathering.

Pigments for industrial coatings - maximum versatility for maximum design possibilities.

Discover our novelties for industrial coatings!

SILVERSHINE Platinum & Titanium Grey

Finest aluminium pigments for smooth metallic finishes

SILVERSHINE Ceramic & Xenon White

Flawless white with noble silver shine and iridescent effects from silver white to metallic blue


Darkest chrome effect - flowing from powerful black into a brilliant chrome look

Applications and Effects:


Seed Coatings

Wood Coating

Architectural Paints

Chrome Effect - PVD

Plastic Coatings

General Industrial Coatings

Can and Coil Coatings

Leather and Textile Coatings

Trend Colours for Coatings 2025
Discover a wide range of visual and aesthetic styling possibilities with our effect pigments.

Special applications that inspire our employees - our expert tip.

We are constantly developing our products further. This is best done with a view to practical application and individual fields of application. What is possible? Read about it here:

Leather and Textile Coatings

Set new trends in the leather and textile industry with ECKART effect pigments.

Architectural paints

Home Story: about the role of ECKART effect pigments in architectural paints and the added value of a new sense of well-being.

Our high performers in many fields of application. Click here for even more choice!

  3. SYMIC OEM Fine Opaque Silver
  4. SYMIC OEM Medium Space Gold
  5. SynAdd 525


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